USCPA 過去問 Pension

下の問題、当年分の勤続年数は償却されるので、Amortization に含まれます。
Parker Co. amended its pension plan on January 2 of the current year. It also granted $600,000 of unrecognized prior service costs to its employee. The employees are all active and expect to provide 2,000 service years in the future, with 350 service years this year. What is Parker's unrecognized prior service cost amortization for the year?
  • $0
  • $2,000
  • $105,000
  • $600,000

600000 を、予定総勤務時間の2000のうちの、350時間分を、償却する




On January 2, East Corp. established a defined benefit pension plan. The plan's service cost of $150,000 was fully funded at the end of the year. In the year, prior service cost was funded by a contribution of $60,000 and amortization of prior service cost was $24,000. At December 31, what amount should East report as a pension asset prior to comparing the fair value of plan assets to the projected benefit obligation?
  • $90,000
  • $84,000
  • $60,000
  • $36,000


Funded service cost: 150000

Contribution funded : 60000          上二つの合計210,000が、未払い年金


Funded service cost : 150000

This year Amortization: 24000  上二つの合計174,000が、今年のpension expense


未払い分ー今年のexpense =Pension asset (prior to comparing the FVof plan aset to PBO)





The following information pertains to Lee Corp.'s defined benefit pension plan for the current year:

Service cost 足す $160,000
Actual and expected gain on plan assets 引く 35,000
Unexpected loss on plan assets related to a disposal of a subsidiary 無視 40,000
Amortization of prior service cost 足す 5,000
Annual interest on pension obligation 足す 50,000

What amount should Lee report as pension expense in its current year-end income statement?

  • $250,000
  • $220,000
  • $210,000
  • $180,000


Expense を求められているから、Gainは計算から引いてよい。

他のは、cost だったり、interest だったりするので、足す。



 Pension の基本的な概念。

PBOと、そのFair valueを比較して、差額分をAsset/Liabilityとして計上する。

A pension liability, or asset, is required if the projected benefit obligation differs from
  • The vested benefit obligation
  • The accumulated benefit obligation
  • Contributions to the plan
  • The fair value of plan assets


PBOとFair valueの違いを、Pension Liability/Assetにしてる。




Fair Value ----> Asset (Overfunded)


Fair Value ------> Liability (Underfunded)




The following information pertains to Seda Co.'s pension plan for the current year:

Actuarial estimate of projected benefit obligation at 1/1 $72,000
Assumed discount rate 10%
Service costs for the year 18,000
Pension benefit paid during the year 15,000

If no change in actuarial estimates occurred during the year, Seda's projected benefit obligation at December 31 of the current year was

  • $64,200
  • $75,000
  • $79,200
  • $82,200


PBO の計算。 Assumed Discount rateを、期首の拠出額にかけて出したDiscount額は、期首額に足して戻します!


なので、72000+7200+18000-15000 という計算になります。



 Statement of finanicial position = Balance Sheet!!!!


The funded status of a defined benefit pension plan for a company should be reported in
  • The income statement
  • The statement of cash flows
  • The statement of financial position
  • The notes to the financial statements only

 Funded status of DBPとは? Under/overfunded からの、Pension Liability とか、Assetに行くので、BS絡みのお話になります。




 Pension Settlement というのは、Pension Terminationのことです!! 


Which of the following is a pension plan settlement?
  • An employer purchases nonparticipating annuity contracts for vested benefits and continues to provide defined for future service in the same plan.
  • Benefits to be accumulated in future periods are reduced, but the plan remains in existence and continues to pay benefits, to invest assets, and to receive contributions.
  • A plan is terminated and not replaced by a successor defined benefit plan.
  • Both a. and c.


ちなみにAのNonparticipating annuity contractsというのは、 経営者が一括購入して、そうすると、年金支払いをそこからまかなうことができ、確定拠出しなくてよくなる。これも、Pension Settlement に含まれます。

Plan is terminatedというCの記述も正しい。





How does the accounting for postretirement benefits other than pensions differ the accounting for pensions?
  • Accounting for postretirement benefits differs by assigning benefit costs on a years-of-service approach.
  • Accounting for postretirement benefits differs by allocating benefit costs over the approximate service years of employees.
  • Accounting for postretirement benefits differs by allowing the option of recognizing immediately in net income, as a change in accounting, the transition amounts for postretirement benefits other than pensions.
  • None of the above


退職給付は年金と違ってNet incomeをその場ですぐ認識できること。