USCPA 過去問 Fixed asset Unit of production depreciation method /straight line method/ impairment loss

<Impairment loss の問題>


Historical cost $200 mil

unrecoverable carrying amount $170

Undiscounted future cash flow $150

Estimated fair value $ 135

Hudson Corp. operates several factories that manufacture medical equipment. The factories have a historical cost of $200 million. Near the end of the company's fiscal year, a change in business climate related to a competitor's innovative products indicated to Hudson's management that the $170 million carrying amount of the assets of one of Hudson's factories may not be recoverable. Management identified cash flows from this factory and estimated that the undiscounted future cash flows over the remaining useful life of the factory would be $150 million. The fair value of the factory's assets is reliably estimated to be $135 million. The change in business climate requires investigation of possible impairment. Which of the following amounts is the impairment loss?
  • $15 million
  • $20 million
  • $35 million
  • $65 million



unrecoverable carrying amount $170

Undiscounted future cash flow $150

Carrying amount が、future cash flow を上回っていることから、Impairment loss が発生すると判断する。


んで、実際にいくらimpariment が発生するかというと、今度は、Carrying value と Fair value を比べて下がった分が、減損となる。





impairment の後にFair value を上げても、impairmentはなかったことにはならない!!!

Last year, Katt Co. reduced the carrying amount of its long-lived assets used in operations from $120,000 to $100,000, in connection with its annual impairment review. During the current year, Katt determined that the fair value of the same assets had increased to $130,000. What amount should Katt record as restoration of previously recognized impairment loss in the current year's financial statements?
  • $0
  • $10,000
  • $20,000
  • $30,000

 よって、Restoration fo impairment lossは、0となります。



<Unit of production depreciation method !!!!!>

はっはっはっは できた!!!!!意味と仕組みがわかったらやりやすいなこれ!!!


つまりこれは、予想総生産量が、合計償却年数、実際に作った製品のUnits が、過ぎた年数にあたる。

Salvage value は先に計算してよいみたい。

On January 3, Quarry Co. purchased a manufacturing machine for $864,000. The machine had an estimated eight-year useful life and a $72,000 estimated salvage value. Quarry expects to manufacture 1,800,000 units over the life of the machine. During the year, Quarry manufactured 300,000 units. Quarry uses the units-of-production depreciation method. In its December 31 balance sheet, what amount of accumulated depreciation should Quarry report for the machine?
  • $99,000
  • $108,000
  • $132,000
  • $144,000


Salvage Valueを先になくすと、864000-72000=792000


792000/1800000 = 0.44 一個生産当たりのDepreciation


年間で実際に生産したのは300000 unit なので、

300000 x 0.44 = 132000 depreciation expense





<Straight-line Method>




Group Depreciation 

Composite depreciation

どちらとも、Straight line method を使います。


Which of the following uses the straight-line depreciation method?


Group depreciation

Composite depreciation


a. No No
b. Yes No
c. Yes Yes
d. No Yes