USCPA 過去問 Lease Liability and past obligation

On December30, year 1, Rafferty Corp. leased equipment under a capital lease. Annual lease payments of $20,000 are due December 31 for 10 years. The equipment's estimated life is 10 years, and the interest rate implicit in the lease is 10%. The capital lease obligation was recorded on December 30, year 1, at $135,000, and the first lease payment was made on that date. What amount should Rafferty include in current liabilities for this capital lease in its December 31, year 1 balance sheet?
  • $ 6,500
  • $ 8,500
  • $11,500
  • $20,00


Annual MLPは20000

yr 1 BS date の前に、 すでに135000のLease obligationが発生していた。

同日、yr 1 BS dateの前で20000を一度支払っているので、


支払後、BS前のLease Obligationは、135000-20000=115000



・Lease obligationに対して金利が発生する。(115000x10%)=11500

・2度目の支払いー20000が、BS dateに行われる



11500-20000=(8500)Lease Liablity の減少分




On December 31, year 1, Roe Co. leased a machine from Colt for a 5-year period. Equal annual payments under the lease are $105,000 (including $5,000 annual executory costs) and are due on December 31 of each year. The first payment was made on December 31, year 1, and the second payment was made on December 31, year 2. The five lease payments are discounted at 10% over the lease term. The present value of minimum lease payments at the inception of the lease and before the first annual payment was $417,000. The lease is appropriately accounted for as a capital lease by Roe. In its December 31, year 2 balance sheet, Roe should report a lease liability of
  • $317,000
  • $315,000
  • $285,300
  • $248,700


Lease Payment105000からExecutorycost5000はひくので、payment は100000


PV of MLP at Lease before payment =417000






差額100000-31700=68300 がLease Liability減少分



=248700 残った、Lease Liability